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1. Material check
[ Question ] Is there a documented system for the containment and control of nonconforming product?
[ Answer ] Yes, we do, In full conformance to ISO9001:2008
[ Question ] Is there a documented system for taking corrective action in order to prevent repetitive discrepancies?
[ Answer] Yes, we do, In full conformance to ISO9001:2008.
[ Question ] Does the corrective action system encourage prompt remedial action?
[ Answer ] Yes, we do, In full conformance to ISO9001:2008.
[ Question ] There a system for timely and effective follow-up of all the corrective action requests?
[ Answer ] Yes, we do, As in using our in-house Standard Operating procedures.
[ Question ] Is nonconforming product regularly reported to management for review and necessary action?
[ Answer ] On weekly basis or case by case,we review and correct non-conforming items including tooling,first article,process control and mass production.
[ Question ] what kinds of material can you use to make products?
[ Answer ] 304/304L/316/316L/410/430/17-4PH.
2. Dimensional tolerance
[ Question ] What dimensional tolerance control can you hold?
[ Answer ] Per ISO/CD 8062-2.(See Attachment)
[ Question ] What kind of draft angle (de-molding taper) are you currently using?
[ Answer ] Typically one degree(1.0¡ã)per inch(25.4m/m) per side. For critical case, half degree(0.5¡ã) per inch(25.4m/m) is also available. (Data sheet is available upon request)
[ Question ] What kind of surface roughness(RMS) are you currently holding?
[ Answer ] Our current RMS for all stainless steel casting ranges from 90 to 125¡Á10 inch or equivalently 3.5-5.0 R. (Data sheet is available upon request)
[ Question ] What kind of minimum wall thickness can you hold relatively to the neighborhood of such thin area?
[ Answer ] Usually the minimum wall thickness we can hold is 1.5m/m ¡À 0.2m/m (0.060" ¡À 0.0075). As to the relative difference in thickness, it might be up to as thick as 3 times to the thinner area with 1 " linear neighborhood.
[ Question ] What kind of casting weight ranges that are within you manufacturing capability?
[ Answer ] It all depends on the shape and construction of the casting, usually the minimum weight we manufacturing is 10 grams/pc (0.022 pounds/pc) while the max casting weight we can provide is up to 45 kg/pc (99 pound)
[ Question ] What is you current shrinkage rate?
[ Answer ] It depends again on the shape and configuration of the cast part, in general lineally at 28/1000, special circumstance at 25/1000.
[ Question ] What is your tooling lead-time and sample lead-time?
[ Answer ] Upon receipt of complete drawings of 3D CAD file, usually it takes 3-6 weeks to make tooling, and the FAI (First Article Inspection) as cast sample takes 1-2 weeks. For casting in complex construction that requires separate tooling for core making, use of soluble wax, or chill dies might need extra 2-3weeks tooling lead-time to assure precise matching among all the related tools. As for the machined samples it depends on the Jig/Fixture, usually takes 1-2 weeks for the FAI machined samples.
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